5 tips for Closet Organization

Our closets work hard for us every day. Here are a simple few tips that you can implement to get your closet into shape and keep it looking tidy day after day.

1. Invest in velvet hangers – they save room AND are pretty. These are the best deal that I have found and they are at Costco: Flocked Hangers

2. Make sure all the clothes are facing the same direction. When you purchase your hangers – be sure the hook swivels to make this task easy. Additionally, make sure to button the top button of all shirts to prevent slipping and keep it tidy.


3. Declutter. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t love it, or you don’t wear it…get rid of it. You won’t miss it. There are so many places to donate clothing. If you don’t mind investing the time, try re-selling on Poshmark or at your local clothing consignment store. If you want to give it away, check out your local Buy Nothing page on Facebook or a local thrift store such as Savers. 

4. If space permits – design your space the way you dress: shoes on the bottom, pants in the middle, tops on top. If you’d like, go the extra mile and color code. It’s a fun way to put together outfits.


5. Use bins for things that get messy: think tank tops, bathing suits, socks, underwear, pajamas. Likewise, pick the beautiful items to display. 


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