Pantry Do’s and Don’ts

Pantry’s are one of those high traffic areas in our homes. Here are few tips to keep it simplified and organized!

1) Designate areas in the pantry to keep ‘like with like’: canned goods, small appliances, snacks, beverages. This will make it easy to find things when you are looking for them and assign categories a home.

2) Don’t overstuff your pantry. Take stock of the space that you have and keep a manageable amount of products on hand that fit the space. This will help with overall maintenance, prevent you from buying duplicates, and  keep products fresh.

3) Use clear bins to contain categories in the pantry. Clear bins create visible organization so you can always see what you have on hand.

4) Space plan for accessibility. Keep items that you use regularly, easily accessible (cooking oils, cereal) and things that you utilize once in a while up top or in the back (Christmas cookie cutters). Also think about your family and how others use the space. Do you want the kids’ snacks to be accessible to them? If so, keep them on a low shelf so they can help themselves.

5) Remove all bulk packaging. Packaging can take up so much space in our pantry’s. Try removing things like individual snack items and keep them in a clear bin instead.

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